K14 / K16 Complete Kit

Parts included in the kit are listed in the table below.

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Parts included in this kit:
(2) Journal Bearings
(1) 360° Thrust Bearing
(1) Piston Ring for Turbine end
(1) Piston Ring for Compressor end
(1) Thrust Spacer
(1) Thrust Flinger
(1) Thrust Washer
(4) Journal Bearing Retaining Rings
(1) O-Ring for Bearing Housing
(2) O-Rings for Compressor Housing
(4) Seal Plate Bolts (M5)
(4) Seal Plate Bolts (M6)
(6) Turbine Housing Bolts
(4) Compressor Housing Bolts
(1) Shaft Nut (Left-hand Thread)
(1) Shaft Nut (Right-hand Thread)
(4) Seal Plate to Bearing Housing Washers (M5)
(4) Seal Plate to Bearing Housing Washers (M6)


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