S300 Complete Kit

Stock rebuild kits use the OEM spec parts that your turbo came with from the factory. Our High Performance rebuild kits include a heavy duty 360° thrust bearing that will increase the durability and longevity of your turbo.

Parts included in the kit are listed in the table below.

Parts included in this kit:
(2) Journal Bearings
(1) Thrust Bearing
(1) Piston Ring for Turbine end
(1) Piston Ring for Compressor end
(1) Thrust Collar
(1) Thrust Flinger
(4) Retaining Rings
(1) Seal Plate O-Ring
(2) Compressor Housing O-Rings
(6) Turbine Housing Bolts
(8) Compressor Housing Bolts/Washers
(1) Shaft Nut


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