T2 / T25 / T28 Complete High Performance Kit

Stock rebuild kits use the OEM spec parts that your turbo came with from the factory. Our High Performance rebuild kits include a heavy duty 360° thrust bearing and a step gap piston ring that will increase the durability and longevity of your turbo.

Parts included in the kit are listed in the table below and indicated by the numbered circles in the diagram.

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Parts included in this kit:
1 Journal Bearings, 2 sets (Narrow & Wide)
2 Retaining Rings for Journal Bearings
3 Retaining Ring for Oil Deflector
4 Oil Deflector Seal/Washer
5 Piston Ring for Turbine end - Step Gap
6 360° Thrust Bearing
7 Bolts for Thrust Bearing
8 Seal Ring for Seal Plate
9 Thrust Collar
11 Seal Plate/Carbon Seal Assembly (Carbon Seal kit only)
12 Retaining Ring for Seal Plate
14 Shaft Nut, 0.264" (6.70mm)
16 O-Ring for Compressor Housing
17 Retaining Ring for Swing Valve
19 Bolts for Turbine end
20 Clamps Ring for Turbine end
  Thrust Spacer & Thrust Washer (Carbon Seal kit only)
  Piston Ring for Compressor end (Dynamic Seal kit only)


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