Turbo Rebuilding

We rebuild almost all makes and models of turbos for auto, light truck, small industrial, and agricultural applications. Rebuild prices vary based on which turbo you have and the condition it is in. Please see the table below for starting rebuild prices based on turbo models. If you would like to have your turbo rebuilt, please pack it well and send it to us with this rebuild form in the box. We will contact you with a quote once it has been inspected.

turbo parts

The first step in the rebuild process is a full inspection. If there isn't any damage to the hard parts (compressor wheel, turbine wheel/shaft, bearing housing, seal plate, etc.), then a standard rebuild price is what you will be quoted when we contact you. If there is hard part damage, you will receive a quote for repairing or replacing the parts in addition to the rebuild. There will be an inspection fee of $75 if you do not proceed with any of the work. There is no inspection fee if you choose to go ahead with the rebuild.

We also offer a high-performance rebuild option for many turbo makes/models. See the second table below for prices. High-performance rebuilds include a stepped-gap piston ring instead of the standard piston ring (if your turbo model has this option), as well as a heavy duty steel 360° thrust bearing instead of the 270° bronze thrust bearing. These parts are well worth the additional rebuild expense; they add durability and longevity to the turbo. We recommend a high-performance rebuild for anyone who pushes their turbo to its limits, uses extremely high boost, or someone who would just like knowing they have the highest quality, most durable parts available installed in their turbo.

Once you have authorized the work and payment arrangements have been made, the next step would be a thorough cleaning of all your parts. The turbo will then be assembled using one of our high-quality rebuild kits, followed by a 2 to 3 step balancing process. Once the turbo is finished, it will be professionally packed and shipped, and you will receive a shipping notification at that time.

*Rebuild prices vary according to different turbo models. Any extra work, disassembly, and/or other preparation that is required will be quoted in the inspection report to each customer.*

Rebuilds start at:
Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel 5.9 $395
Ford Powerstroke 7.3 $395
Ford Powerstroke 6.4 (High) $695
Ford Powerstroke 6.4 (Low) $595
Garrett GT37 (Ford 6.0L) $595
Garrett T2, T3, T4, T3/T4, T25, T28 $350
Hitachi HT10B, HT18-2S $395
Holset HE351VE $795*
IHI RHB5 Series $350
KKK K03, K04, K14, K16, K24, K26 $350
KKK K27, K28, and K29 $395
Mitsubishi TD02, TD02.5, TD03 $350
Mitsubishi TD04, TD05, TD06 $350
Rajay $595
T3/T4 Big Shaft $395
Toyota CT9, CT12, CT20, and CT26 $375
Turbonetics (Std. Shaft ONLY) $350
S200/S300 $395
S400 $495
High performance rebuilds start at:
Garrett GT37 (Ford 6.0L) $795
Garrett T2, T25, T28 $420
Garrett T3, T4, T3/T4 $390
Hitachi HT18-2S $495
Mitsubishi TD04 $420
Mitsubishi TD05, TD06 $450
Precision $450
T3/T4 Big Shaft $495
Turbonetics $450
S300 $450
S400 $550

*Includes actuator check for functionality